This time, in English… Please.

What happened was I woke up at the right side of the bed today.

This time, I hardly overslept… 9 am is pretty early for someone who is used to sleeping at past 3am.

First thing I did was check out my blog… This has become a “routine” whenever I am home. Comments from my blog friends always brighten up my day.

Though, some think it is redundant for someone in my line of work to share thoughts, whether private or trivial, to people I never met in person… Forgive me, but I am fascinated by the innocence of meeting like minds in cyberspace…

People accept you as you are and they will never have the credibility to judge you because for one, they can only see what you want them to see (Or in this case, read what you want them to read. I already broke my vow of anonymity by “exposing” my photos in previous entries, but the hell! I look better in person. Hah!).

I am asked… no, obliged, to deliver news and features on slices of life. People thought it was easy. I think it is equivalent to 24-hours manual labor. Still do.

And now that our country was tagged 5th Most Dangerous Place for Journalists… The stakes are higher… and my job just got cooler!

Given the chance, I want to interview extremists… I want to ask them why they need to blow people upI mean, what’s the point? Would they do that to their own family?

In time, I want to go to war-torn countries like Iraq… I want to take shots of hatred and rage at its purest… Not for the ratings… But for me to understand, in this lifetime, how people dwell on so much misery…

And then, I want to live and blog about it.

In a country where young girls mourn for Marimar’s falling out with Inocencia, more than the tragedy of Benazir Bhutto… There is, indeed, a dire need for an alternative voice.

Whether it is delivered with the ascerbic wit of an IT guy, or the humor of a newly-wed ex-law stude… or even the forever-swinging moods of a burnt-out broadcast executive… and the sentiments of a homesick mom

If two or more people’s point of view can be changed, for the better, with their words… With our words…  Blogging will not just be regarded as the rant board it usually is.

To those who never tire of my sarcasm… I never really thanked you guys enough. Here’s to more stories, for 2008!


5 Tugon to “This time, in English… Please.”

  1. kengkay Says:

    sabi nung isang commenter sa blog ko, that’s entertainment daw ang aking section 😀 oh well, ano nga ba ang buhay, kundi para mag entertain at magpa entertain, di ba? tama ka, iba ang buhay na makikita mo sa cyberspace. pang 5th tayo sa most dangerous place, huh, san kaya nila kinuha ang criteria nun.

    Sana ate kenks, pag di na ako nakakatawa, at pag puro pighati at poot na ang nilalalaman ng entry ko, dadamayan niyo pa rin ako… 😦

    * some emo… this lenggai.

  2. lilmiz Says:

    and thanks for sharing ur sarcasms to us! happy new year! 😉

    Sus. Nag-ingles din, nagpapraktis lang ako eh…

    Lol!!!! Joke! Happy new year din! 🙂

  3. Jon Cabron Says:

    sinilip ko muna ng dahan dahan.. buti naman hindi totoo yung hinala ko na TAG ito, akala ko matatag ako ng english pa kailangan,

    tnx na rin sa pagbanggit sakin, na tats ako’ hindi ko masyado naintindihan pero wala lang parang basta kailangan ko lang matats.

    labyu lenggai… may konting malisya, pero hayaan mo na yun’

    Dear Jon…

    Mabubuo na sana… Konti na lang… Kung wala ka lang asawa… Malamang… Sayang… Sayang talaga…

  4. Banana Says:

    “Kung wala ka lang asawa” niyahaha! Lengs, sana di mo na nabanggit yun nakikita ko reaksyon ni Jon. lols.

    Happy New Year!

    Hnyahahaha! Ngayon lang kita nakita rito sa tambayan ko, Annie? Salamat at napadaan ka… 😀

    Ako rin, naiimagine ko reaksyon niya… Kung hindi nga lang blasphemy ang pag-isipan ng kung anu-ano si Jesus Christ…

    Api 2008 din! (kapampangan… walang H) 😀

  5. Jon Cabron Says:

    gusto kong isipin na inaaway ka ni banannie dyan sa comment nya kahit pa may happy new year sya.. at gusto kong isipin na yung lols nya ay ulols ang ibig sabihin’ GUSTO KONG PAG AWAYAN NYO KOOOOO! dahil ako ang megalomaniac na si mighty jon cabron!!!

    Dahil malapit nang matapos ang taon… hahayaan kong maging sentro ka ng blog ko ngayon… ngayon lang ha…

    Kahit di ko ma-gets ang eksplanasyon mo tungkol sa “lols…” haaayyyyssss….


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